Our Teachers

All our lead teachers have been teaching yoga for over 10 years. All of them have been ardent students of their field and taught students from around the world.

Yogacharya Somdutt Amoli

Anatomy/ Alignment /Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher

From childhood he has been practicing Yoga and Meditation. Before taking the decision to teach Yoga, he followed the spiritual path and learned traditional Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raj Yoga, Dhyan Yoga and Shivananda Yoga with his Guruji in the Himalaya.

He completed his Masters degree in Yogic Science at the Uttarakhand Sanskrit University in Haridwar. Because of being number 1 in the ranking of all graduates on state level, he achieved the Gold Medal, honored by the governor of Uttarakhand.

He is full of power & spirit, and as an instructor he is exceptional in correct alignment, clear communication, thorough explanation, and proper demonstration with mindful attention to each students needs. For this he is renowned in the whole area of Rishikesh and beyond.

Yogi Mann

Pranayama/Meditation Teacher

Yogi Mann is a very calm and humble yoga practitioner who is always ready to help others in whatever way he can, be it guiding or counseling, teaching the techniques of pranayama and meditation or teaching the therapeutic effects of Yoga. His main intention is to share with others the real essence of Yoga by which we can make the best use of this human form of life.

His journey of Yoga started in teenage when he was quite inquisitive about the deeper truths of life. In search for the real goal of life he came across this beautiful process of Yoga and started practicing it. By divine arrangement, he met his Guru and very soon within a few years he got inclined to the yogic practices and got transformed from an aggressive and stressed person to a calm and peaceful soul.

He graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from IP University, Delhi. After experiencing the corporate life for some time he realized that this rat race is not matching his serene personality. He left his job and joined the Ashram for a few years to deepen his spiritual practices. He completed a few certifications and teacher training courses from different schools in Rishikesh and is presently an E-RYT 500 registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. After that, he completed his Masters in Yoga-MSC(Yoga) from one of the most prestigious Yoga University in India-SVYASA, Bangalore.

Since last few years, he started sharing about the science of Yoga to people from around the world in different schools and NGO’S. He has conducted several workshops in schools for teachers and children to help them in their studies and improve their health in a holistic way. Currently, he teaches Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, Yin Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Chanting and Kirtan Yoga in different Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh and the students love his classes.